When I grow up…

The phrases replayed in my head like a dummys ears who hears the whispers before repeating the words undone. Unattempted.incomprehensible.

You see the dummy in this scenario is the the people who want to pursue what they believe, can, and will be their desire to last a lifetime.When in reality that love and desire can fade away just for a bit and come springing back as fast as long distance friends. Who never intended for the sterotypical title to spew from the lips of those who knew them well as anything closer than sisters. A couple,peas in a pod, marshmellows and chocolate. They were the whole package yet…someone left to pursue.

Again pursue… the thing everyone is raised to do,is the hardest of them all. That life defining moment…are you rich,or aspiring a dream we’ve all tried to complete?

The words slip off her tongue way too easily where’s the challenege and the thrill and the rush, the rush she knows she gets. Are there suppose to be days like this…dry?Inspiration now not so insipiring?The words sounding like a record playing and twisting the right words into wrong ones. The fabrics feeling sleeker and more admiring, pretty to the eye damaging to the mind because, the mind tells her it simply is impossible to get to that level. And even if you were, what would be left to work for? To dwell on, to live on, to feel free about?     

The fabrics hiss cruel words out their mouths and spit lies that she knows all too well aren’t true. “I want you and I’m taking you as my own.” But ,if that action is to be done who am I leaving behind, what words am I shutting out ,what creativity am I losing? what voice am I to listen to when the lessons they teach me as an intern are to shut my mouth? what if I want the best of both of my world wrapped into one humungous dwelling? One that will fufill the needs buried deep inside me that were planted from a young age, simply by asking that one question we all secertly seek the answer for what do you want to be when you grow up?

Hi guys I think I’ve figured out my best of both worlds wrpped intoone career and I’m happy about it prior, O wrote this poem and then I did some research… I missed the fabrics in the stores for months untilI went   to the mall and remembered that fashion was my first passion next to writing and that i can never truly leave that behind:))


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