Friends Part II

In addition to the friends post I felt as if I didnt mention the current friends in my life who keep me positive and going.

Number one would be my sister, She’s stuck with me till life, its sorta required but once I realized how alone would feel without her i realized she’s the bestt of em all. Listening to me when I’m annoying, and laugjing at my  sarcasm filled jokes. She’s the best, and she’s like a part of me in a way thoigh she has her own personality..shes mine lol I live her, she’s so smart and will make a great physicts/scientist/whatever else she wamts in life I know she’ll be great at it.

Number two:  I go to her for advice, she listens to me, we laugh and talk about life and are getting closer each and every day 

She’s very opininated I may add😂 but that’s her personality, it helps to have more than one perspective added to my everyday life, she also cares so much for others and has a heart full of pure innocence..literally it takes her a while to understand a dirty joke.

Another friend I have whose been there for me is Mars. Mars is bubbly just like me maybe even more if thats possible and it makes me happy, hes a go getter and does any and everything he puts his mind to:) 

Number 4 is anon. Thats just bc im getting to know him a bit more. We went to the same middle school and its a joy being around him…hes funny. Not that we hang out as much as I’d like but just saying getting to know him more or at leat i think…hmm anyway…

Number five would be my old friend gabby though she goes to a different school as me we’ve been trying to keep up with each other we share the same memories and a couple others who go to my school now my old friends always have the word friend behind the old because they helped morf me into the being I am today and I appreciate their comfort and support in my previous years and from time to tume we chat about whats chnaged in out lifes and maybe attempt to make plans.

Number 6 would be my best friend litzy we don’t talk much anymore, its kinda sad not having her around, she just moved this year which is a shame but its okay. 

Number 7 would be Zada. Zada has been my Tippy tippy top friend since 7th grade ikr why dont you have her as number one if that’s the case, well since you ask we dont talk as often though i know i can depend on her for advice comfort and just to talk to literally we can start a conversation off of anything and still end up in giggles by the end of it,it’d be as if we never grew a part one but when truth is i feel we have. She’s still considered my friend we always try to include each other in each other’s lives if that makes any sense.



  1. I love that you added a part two. You and your sister are so pretty, it’s great that you’re best friends. It’s nice to know that you have friends that actually make you happy.

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