It was requested for me to write about my friendships..truth is I don’t have many. I don’t think i ever have but it’s honestly the characteristics of each  individual that counts. Acquaintances have drop below my feet and become the least of my worries. When I think about the word friends my mind goes on the many enactments of my life play themselves in my head, I can’t stop them unless my thoughts are diverted elsewhere. I then start to feel nostalgic about the times I wish to relive and can’t help but think how my perspective of friendship now and then has changed so much how people I have claimed to love have developed me into the social self I call myself today.

My First Friendship

I got all my giggles out in middle school the first year preferably the best year of my little life. She was my age and born on the same date as I, though we had tons of fun and were close. I was one uptight little chick! but, she taught me how to laugh at dumb stuff and dance in public I mean I do that now..and always get a rush each time.

More There After and A Few Before
Okay so a lot of years were a blur for me I can remember specific times but not all at once.  I’ve only been to a few parties in my lif e and they’ve consist of cotton candy, roller skates, and pizza. my first real one was last year freshman year of high school sure It was a group of friends but, It felt so exotic because, we’re older and on a journey together not that we weren’t when we we’re younger but, I can’t explain this point any further.

 Friends come and go as I’ve been taught. It never seems that way when you’re living in the moment. It  always seems like forever or “we’ll never separate” when in most circumstances  it’s inevitable. There may be two you can truly trust and say “Hey I know were thirty and all have jobs but, let’s make time for lunch!”…and they’ll come. 

I know after today or weeks from this post my perspective may change or even broaden itself. I’ll experience new situations and people. I’ll lose some along the way but, the true ones are always there even when you haven’t spoken in months. It’s also important to remeber that you’re not subjected to whom you associate with and it can and will change over the years. 



  1. I am just reading this because I’ve been sick, but great post. People come and go, but hopefully real friends will last. I nominated you for the mystery blogger award, I’ll post it soon. Participation is up to you, I just want to show my appreciation.

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