Do It All


Have you ever gotten that feeling of overwhelming indecisiveness or that craving for doing everything at once?

With me it’s both. At times I don’t know what to chose because there are so many possible options. I try to weigh them out but, they both seem to be so right that i  just can’t pick one. I don’t imagine myself doing this but, have you ever picked none at all?

What if all your options aren’t up to par with your expectations of what you thought they would be like ?What if there were no tints of orange and shades green, what if the only color ever existed were primary. what would you do then?…What would I do then? It’s hard I know, paving a way when there’s so much possible…just pick and if it doesn’t turn out the way you want do it again, create a new color, go another route, try that new ice cream next time round, don’t fall for that fool’s tricks, that skinny dress that makes you feel insecure wasn’t worth the risk of buying another piece of clothing with that same fabric making you nearly squeeze your insides to death. Just whatever you do, don’t settle for nothing because nothing will leave you empty wondering what would’ve happened if you’d picked something.

  • Comment something below that you’ve always wanted to do…
  • Comment if you’ve ever picked nothing and your thoughts on your decision
  • Comment a choice you’ve made and your personal experience with that choice, how if it made you feel

More Updates coming soon!!!



  1. I spent 4 years being on and off relationship with a guy ’cause I wanted to do soooo many things as a single and at the same time I liked being with him so much. It wasn’t fair with him, so I chose nothing. I kind of just asked for space for a while. And he’s been very patient with me.

    After a while, I realized that being in the grey area was really unfair to him.. and is making us stay in relationship limbo. It was either I was with him, or let him go. And I have to live with the consequences of my actions, whichever I chose.

    I chose to be with him, and I’m happy. 🙂

    Nice ramblings you have here. I can really relate as you can see. 🙂

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