Good thunk or bad thunk?

A thunk is my definition of jumbled thoughts keeping you from completing a certain action whether that action has to do with the way you feel on a certain topic or the way you interact with others.

We all have a thunk!

Lets not freak out about it just yet, first things first. Think about something you constantly and I mean constanly have on your mind, it could be food, work,college,a guy or girl,trying out for that team,even meeting new people…just about anything.

Now, think about the topics that surface around this thought and how it affects the way you pursue your desires. This is an example of a “thunk”ladies and gentlemen it can be both positive and negative.

If your thunk is positive and I mean the thoughts that surface encourage you to go for it while in stressful siuations your ability to control how much you let a  (negative thought) surface in the very head of yours is effective…you’re doing just fine


But, for those of you out there who struggle with letting little things take over your brain,mood,comfort, then we have a problem to solve!!

Secondly, are there any persons out there that activate your thunk?  If so, and I’m saying this in the nicest way possible…silence them and by silence them I mean, keeping a personal distance from their negativity. Unless they’re are encouraging…

As for your thunks themselves take a deep breath let it all out and whatever you do…stay positive. Listen to the possibilities for a split second and snap them out as quick as they came because while anything can happen, what will happen when you don’t do what you want?



Thought + no action=unhappiness/more thoughts


If you don’t understand stay with me here, step by step your thoughts develop into desired actions and desired actions are never to be pursued without one or a few bad thoughts but, don’t let that takeover what you have set your mind on doing.

Think about it like a queue for  downloading music; by double tapping the action is somewhat predetermined. You just have to follow through and see what happens.



a mystery

and tends to stay that way, even till the end of you. So, trying to figure out

“what if ”

is not helping you live life to the fullest. It’s stopping you from enjoying the reality of what could be..its all 50/50 but if its meant to happen it will. You just sometimes gotta take that first step.



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