It’s Pre-determined

I don’t know how its made out to be. Whether or not the decisions I choose are right for me,but when I think about the predeterrmined actions and how they all collaspe into this one image of how the ending of growing up is suppose to be, I want to scream.

 Today I’ve found my ultimate movie, the one I feel describes how my life would be, well the falling in love part I hope to be a little less complicated but, for the most part I’m up for the challenge…I think. “Never been kissed” is about a journalist who, has an assignemt to return to highschool and create an intriguing story of what goes on in it blah blah. Although, my stories I feel should be way more exotic or sophisticated.  My calling is to be a journalist, one with a big cat and an imagination that runs wild enough to write plenty of novels,  of course i could start now… that’s the big hump i have to get over is not overthinking the actions I already know are predetermined…just pushing myself into this world of fiction will be my milestone of the year…CHEERS TO BEING A PRUDE WRITER WITH NO SENSE OF SENSE!!! 
I love you guys I’m pumped and this blog is my platform:)) Welcome and explore!! I will try to upgrade the little I have on this page but please leave comments i love feedback, follow my social media, if you have any questions or just would like to chat,again my social media, which should be in the links below if you’re on a cellular device or on the side links if your using a computer:)) oh and feel free to notify me any type of content you’d like feature on my blog topic wise and ill see what i can do thank you soo much:)) ily and type  you next time;)


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