Oh! My What A Beauty!

They whisper, they whisper for me to let be as natural as I please but once I  let my cocoon drop to show the true colors my wings represent they tell me to cover up or to shrivel and die as something I’m not.

I’m telling you to not be ashamed of yourselves, you see! who cares if that hairstyle isn’t popular or if that clothing appears wack, just tell them you rock it and keep on rocking because, baby no one can take away confidence built in what makes you stand out from every other human being. 

“And all that matters is the message you deliver once you look yourself in the mirror, beautiful should be the word that scatters like peices in a puzzle.”

 You are beautiful, because different is who you were made to be…I hope you can see that the trick isnt the word itself just,the simple fact that everyone uses it so much that in times when the heart needs to hear the phrase you are beautiful your ears refrain from tuning in once more, beacuse change is what your going through  its just a phase beautiful is always you.

Apply the words to your brain like paint on a canvas and create a masterpeice of possibilites for yourself, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder not anyone else and I plea that the next time you stare in the  mirror that much more comes out of the reflection you see.

Yeah:)) ima little rough sorry for late update, ive been procrastining:) thank you for all the new follows i hope you can spread more about my good words,comment below if you have any feedback or any questions…ily guys tyyy:))


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