I’m afraid Mami that all the mistakes I’ve made in my past is what people use to define me. That first they see an average girl with all these big words to spill then they see me crack.Crack open as any nut would, dangling from a thin branch. They spill words from the tip of their tongue like the bullets in guns tucked tightly in their pockets. Their whispers be something that had happened long before I found my sense. My actions something I don’t think about but, live in for the moment. Why do I live in the moment, to actually feel like I’m breathing and being, until someone, wants to take my oxygen?

Mami why do I feel like I’m being judged for having feelings not everyone can understand. Mami I thought america and americans were all about acceptance but here I am sitting here trying to collect all the answers you clearly don’t have an answer to mami why are people so cruel, and all along I went on believing every heart was made of jewels. Red ones like roses, roses that i forgot die when the seasons done. Roses that are suppose to have the sweet aroma of innocence. Mami why are women afraid of being innocent. Afraid of showing the men how they are to be treated, like queens. With jewels as hearts and crowns for toys, and shouting for expression with bullhorns and courtjesters that make your world seem brighter. Mami why am I afraid to fall in front of one who I don’t know and make a fool of myself. Mami why do my emotions run like grass across the fields in the country..too tall to be seen and know exactly why it tangles..too wild too keep down through all those cold winters. Mami why when I shout my voice echoes among the crowd and people start to listen, why is it until they see me cry the importance of my problems I do deal with seem little to them. Why do I treat others with more respect than they deserve. Mami why is it hard to make a living off of what I truly want in this world. Mami? Mami? Mami? Are you there for me? Mami will you hold my hand and help me mami? Mami never leave me prove to them I may do as I please and make a living in this world..mami can you be strong with me? Mami? Mami?




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