Mind is a she??

We have to accept that life happens. That things get out of hand,that tests become some of our biggest threats. Making us want to break down, when we should be standing up again. We have to understand that life happens for reasons we don’t comprehend. How dealing with bad news can  get the best of us,and stop us from reaching that inner peace everyone is starving for. How we’ve got to stop pretending that our problems are eraseable…and even if it were humanly possible  there would never be enough rubber to go round filling the voids of those who depend on it for each and every conflict thrown at them so… may i introduce you all to

..  mind,she burns brighter than anything on this earth,even the sun itself is scared of the knowlegde she carries for it’ll figure the formulas to her recipie of simply being the most loveliest being,there is…

Sometimes we as people don’t realize the power we hold to turn certain situations back around,how to make a difference for ourselves  and others we feel need help.

I know this is cliche but, a calling those who don’t see themselves as the loveliest being working towards figuring out the formulas the sun holds to be brighter. You are needed for a reason only understandable to you. So put your beloved mind out there and be as bright as the sun will allow because, life is ahead of you.
Yes i know this title is odd i just came up with it so dont judge and btw this is an old draft never posted;) so hurray for my courage in posting it.



  1. Yes, life does happen to everyone. Do not let it get you down. This is a great post. I would not have known it was a rough draft. You truly have a way with words.👑💕

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