Read it and weap

Read it and weap because, those are the only words I have to say for this post read it and weap beacuse, another life has been taken, from this earth by a cause unknown to us. I’m so sick of death yes, it leads to rebirth and is the process of life but, he was my age.  I didn’t know him but, knew people who did, this is making me angry and sappy beacuse there is nothing to be reckoned with, when death steps onto your front door. 

Today it asked for the life of an innocent. I don’t know the causes but I hope the lethalness was peaceful. I am almost to tears over a boy I never even met, maybe because I have a heart the size of the giant brain that lives in my head…

 Tomorrow will be mourning for the school and boy I’m scared,I’m  scared I’ll be titled 

The girl who cried over his death, having nothing to do with it, the girl he didn’t   know.

This thought may show how huge my heart is but doesn’t make up for the pain these dear young people my age feel due to knowning him. And “I’m sorry ” has rolled off the tip of my tongue nearly 5 times today and I’m already done.Feeling numb over something I can’t change, or yet again have nothing to do with me. I’m glad god didn’t introduce me to him because, i know I couldn’t have handled this type of tragedy. Looking from the outside in I already am developing problem, so I think I’m okay for today. Maybe not tomorrow but today I’m fine, I may be fine tomorrow to if I can hold my water as well as I’m doing now, I want to cry but no tears are falling out so we’ll see what happens. My condolences for the ones who knew him as Sam. 


I know you’re in a better place…..



  1. This shows that you have a huge heart. I am so sick and tired of these senseless killings. Try to keep yourself lifted.💕💕 I am praying for his family.🙏

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