Acceptance Speech

It’s bigger than you it’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than the sea, that makes a calling so pretty. It’s bigger than the sun combined with the earth..its love, its life, its the process of all of us that never ends.

It’s being free in a sucluded space when your home alone dancing to whatever the radio has on, its eating plain chips with ketchup praying that your mom doesn’t return home to see this action being done, it’s the you can’t breathe that much laughter filling the whole room and the warmth of your chest as you feel your heart pounding. It’s  fear that leaks from the root of your mind, “anxiety” tackling the smile kept intact for as long as you tried . It’s the doubt you feel when the quiz just wasn’t the right quiz or when today justwasn’t  like yesterday and you’re not as joyful as you wish to be! Its when all that sadness is supressed by a memory of happiness then you see your friend around the corner thinking to yourself..”I got this”, its when life isn’t easy anymore and you have just accepted it.






This is my acceptance speech to one of the hardest things in life…living

Sorry its not that…good im a little rough havent written in a little bit like a week or 2 but thank you for support.


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