Counselor- “Well Nahndi tell me why you think we have to be happy?”

Nahndi- (suddenly sits up from a slumped position held for 30 minutes out of pure boredom and un-interest)

“we have to be happy?” Clears her throat,  “we have to be happy because the world expects us too if you’re not walking around here with a smile on your face  you’re automatically seen as angry or sappy for no reason, you could have nothing on your mind at that moment and i mean as blank as a white board could get and all they see is someone who is upset with life. Sometimes people are just tired and DONT feel like cheesing in your face, take old people for example they get put through so much crap with not being paid off for working there whole life or kids dont wanna see them and they’re expected to be cherry, half these children in these school systems excuse me more than half”

counselor- (squints her eyes)

“are depressed, and most of the parents have no clue or dont care enough. Not even that but its just.. We as children want to experience all there is but all these darn setbacks and we’re expected to smile all day, and make teachers fell warm, why when some of us during the winter struggle to stay that way, and its the government that’s killing our spirits but no.. We’re just mad or sad children that don’t understand anything. Not opinionated youth with mindsets to be somewhere else enjoying what god has created.”

Counselor- “You still didn’t answer my question dear.”

Nahndi- “… Well we are expected to be happy for all the people in our lives to keep pushing through all the obstacles and believe with all their hearts that they can be where they believe we are…HAPPY. So no one gives up.. ”

She wipes a tear and then goes back to slumping while the teacher gives her a speech on why she should brighten up a bit more.

Why i wrote this..dont ask me it just came:/



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