Orientation Night

It’s never as it seems. All the notebooks and fresh paint can’t take up for the feeling that’s eating you up inside, the memories, taunt you like a clown would at a circus. The name new beginings  isn’t as effective as I thought.

How’s it gonna be when I get there will I be happy will I be sad or just plain lost, there’s no way of telling or preparing myself for whats to come, all i have is hope that things will slide right into place and even if it doesnt work for me, i hope someone may have a brighter year and get things done.

But more so I really would like to be efficent and make a difference that comes with every new begining and club and face that see, create and embrace. I guess all there is to do now is be.

I wrote this the night before my orientation trying to compare my thoughts previous with the ones that are going through my head now, looks like I’ve gotten what I asked for. A new start with no familar faces to see during class and no familiar faces to sit with during lunch by familiar, I mean someone I’d actually be enjoying my time with having known them about a year or so. But everything happens the way its suppose to and for a special reason maybe clarity is given in this new year of mine..who knows

~ Wordyqueen;)



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