Fun. Fun the word rolling off the tip of my tongue. How I love to play with the way its said, it makes my mind jump straight to how the way it was. It was..

A stream runs down my face at the rememberence of us no longer clinging on to this so called communication that only hearts like us would call….a beat.

A beat that ran too long to be considered one.

The way your mind would struggle for the words  to speak on topics that’d just be was odd to me. Strangley odd how it took hearing my voice for you to speak. Now what’s that call?… not weird. But, a one way wired friendship, which I actually  called you out on,and you fixed.

But you see you fixed it in ways i couldnt imagine.. From Distance to sweet nothings to poetry that was raw and unlikely to hear from someone, who speaks of a seat that we no longer sit on, for days on end with nothing to say about it but..”ouch”… I think I turned you into a romantic who thinks of nothing but…romance. And if I may add the way we ended was..somewhat romantic but let’s  not tap into that topic,my point is all things aren’t  meant to last. You were a plastic rose when we first met and once I added paint to your synthetic color you bloomed into a temporary time bomb of memories and so on that we’re unfortunately unforgettable in a way that makes me want to forget.

July 10th 2016..:/

This prose i would like to call it:/ was more so an eye opening lesson for me that not everyone in your life is meant to last, and sooner or later most relationships formed in highschool or even ones you’d think last die,not all, some are special but this one in particular did for me. Comment below of you’d like of any end to your relationships..I’d like to get to know my readers:)if I have any:/)


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