Coco melted chai

​Coco melted chai is a collection of diary like entries explaining the life of those affected by racsim or discrimmintaion of any type. we are not invisible, which is why we have to speak with purpose. This is not against whites or any other race. This is just supporting and uplifting the fact that black lives matter as well as opening the public’s eye to the role that  discrimmintaion plays on this upcoming generation. 
I will be posting entries from those who are willing to share their stories of their struggles with discrimination and how it impacts their everyday life. Along with poems created by me, of my view on the world now,if this continues,and  what it may look like. An entry will be posted Every Thursday. 

If you’d like to participate or have any questions feel free to email me or @Cnahndi on twitter. 

Thank you:)))


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