When Solitude Screams…

A moment alone feels like an eternity. I sit and i seek something to fill my head with because honestly  nothing and nowhere is not where my heart desires to be. So I think I think on everything there is to think because again, there is nothing I want more than a moment alone.

( sarcasm intended)

A moment alone they say gives you time to think but, what if your mind feels numb and thinking is no longer apart of any queue that you’d play instantly at any given moment.

 or your thoughts may swerve into anxious actions that’ve been played out a few weeks ago and you think about the many possibiltes of how that scenario could’ve been… But the damage is already done…and there’s no turning back.

What if a momemt alone forces you to discover that you’re  the most boring person on earth to be with. Or the desire that you’ve held onto for the longest time is slowly seeping into a question of what if im not cut out for this??

What if you find your fears in a filing cabinet so far in the back of your head that you never knew exsisted?

            What do you do then?

  1. You question whether or not the doubts you think of are worth it
  2. You move on from this feeling of sickness that drives your mind crazy
  3. Then you focus all your energy on something postive..whatever that may be for you.

For me that would be.. 

  • Writing
  • Strecthing
  • Listing to peaceful music
  • Asking my family questions that pass through my mind
  • Sleep
  • Tea

What would your moves be???Comment if you like;)


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