Twice a month

This time will come exactly twice a month. It’s one where, everything comes to an end in times you can’t capture with a snap but, words of ones whose willing to listen to the melodic serenade, that flow like pages..swiftly but gentle. It’s when the sun goes down in the morning like sky. bold.With hues of the orange and blue, colliding with each other like a desperately in love couple, clinging to the heat of the moment only lived for nothing but 10 months. It’s when the bubbles from the tub rush as dust would across your skin. In a way so soft that you’d never forget the feeling it left you, as escaping the residue with warm water, from a tap so shiny, you can see your refelction and the beauty it holds.It’s When the atmosphere you’re surrounded with makes you want to dive deep into thoughts you’d never imagine yourself thinking. When the steam rushes from the water so high, you’d break a sweat with no work being done. It’s when you feel high like nothing could ever ruin the time,you are spending alone.Solitude throwing all the conflict you two had into a void,leaving your mind numb.

It’s like being in this box full of anything you could ever want.

Oh! The  wishing you had put into life being this way, only displayed into one moment you’d never invisage going away. The super scrub applied to the dear skin you call home becoming so soft that you can’t help but hype up once you’ve touched the pores of your own cheeks.  And your ears they drum.drum to the rhythm of your heart. By heart I mean music spelling the words that only a writer would be able to simplify into a story breaking one’s life into fragments of beauty. Never being able to grasp a time like this but twice a month. Just twice a month . . .my favorite time to dwindle in life and think of…love and what it’s like.

My Dad asked me to write a poem and challenge him on the topic of your favorite time of the day and this is what I wrote..guess who won the challange??;)

I tried putting up some contents of life(pictures) ya like?? Clip from my favorite day of this year so far


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