So you write?

How do you write they ask..How do you summarize your feelings in a few phrases that rhyme I wish I could do that then all my problems would be solved.I see why you’re all together now,it’s because you have a pen and paper to help you figure them out.

I walk away in dismay as of what they just

Me? All together that could possibly not be. If that were the case I would run out of words to write,my feelings would be compelety gone for the guy that’s broken my heart,I would understand why the world is the way it’s set up, I would understand people in a way they never understood me, I wouldn’t be trying to reach out for the hearts that can’t find the words to sum up how they feel inside.                 You see my pen never bleeds out of ink and my paper never runs out lines for these few reasons that no one may be able to tell from how I speak of my life.

And how I write is the same way I breathe. The words just come so naturally in times of solitude when no one’s around me. I dig up my phrases from far away memories or the desire to make them.I also draw them from the root of my heart where all my emotions come from. Please don’t tell me that all my problems are free beacuse they are summarized in front of me on a page so it seems. Even if that were true you’d need an answer to solve a problem which, comes from a brain that could only function using the possiblites from experience and courage mustered up from within to be brave enough,selfless enough, nice enough,kind enough and all of the above to fix them.

Okay so this is the first time I’m actually attempting to talk to you my readers on the page,so do bare with me. I just wanted to say Hi and welcome to my blog! If you’d like to, please do check out some of my other entires, as well as not being afraid tocomment  your personal opinions. I feel they help me grow as a writer.

Now, this certain peice came to me when I was thinking of what people see  as they compare me as a writer and as person. I believe the two are seperated for some reason my mind hasn’t fully explained to me yet…

And in the comments below because,I Don’t   yet have a forum, please do tell me about yourself. Rather you write or a certain area in your life you feel like people seperate your passion or what you do, from the everyday you they see. 

Thank you for your reads,likes maybe, and follow me if you’d lke to read more:)


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