What if we forget?

I know there’s this whole thing about never forgetting your past or even letting it consume your life, like gravy consumes a plate of mash potatoes on a dinner plate. But, What if you forget the simple things that made you happy,that made you smile,what would you do then. There’s no running to the past because the past is where your mind ran away from. Forgetting is what I feel the ultimate tragedy you say you want to forget, forget him or her or everything you had together but what happens when you do. What happens when all those happy memories have vanished?The memories that have shaped you into someone strong,someone who knows what love looks and feels like,someone who lived in happiness and heart strengthen situations, before the breathe of oblivion took it away.

What happens when you see the person who use to be your all and can’t remember a single thought that streamed through your mind while you were with them? It would be fustrating correct? Seeing that all your time was wasted on something or someone so pointless.

Forgetfulness, is nothing to desire when sacred memories made your heart beat in different ways only one human  being would be able to reach.



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