Four leaf clovers

I remember when I was younger spending my whole recess time picking four leaf clovers, praying to  every leprechaun that exsisted for him to just…like me. I was about in 2nd grade then..2nd grade when I had the thoughts of a boy liking me..,and the funny thing is I have the same hopes as a 15 year old today,that whoever I like to like me back. 

The times she spent flipping and laughing with other kids were the times she will never forget. Being  vibrant and happy became a routine that would never get old,even though not everyone treated her the same..she was different. Nothing like the other girls with their pretty long hair,and skinny figures but, she never thought about that then, she was too young to understand that others see her differenly from how she see’s herself. 

If only people carried that mentality with them, when they grew up.

Two years later in fourth grade the blonde headed boy had learned how to flirt,he was smiling so much at her but she didn’t feel the same way she had moved on to better things like learning multiplication,and long division,gossiping to her friends about their secrect lives as faries..which she didnt know were pretend until a week later.

She was so..different. Even now she thinks about her life and how every action has a reaction..Before making decisions she asks herself sometimes..I wonder what would happen if I did that. she’d just think and create a whole future for herself based off of that one action she’d thought of but, knew well enough to know that it wasnt going to happen.

If only no one thought like that…

Our thoughts spiral out of what we think is to be by all the examples surrounding our minds or the role models that were put in this world for us, choosing where our hearts should be..

When we asked for the color of love ,they showed us red. When we asked for the color of peace it came in a boring baige but, let me be the first to say that peace comes in plenty of colors. Ones that we can’t even see like faith. We need faith to have peace, to believe that things can change and the endless possibilties of what that change can bring. Starting with the way we see. 


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