Its the ache in the back of your mind, you get while remembering your past. It’s the longing of what use to be. It’s the far away memories seeming shiner than they did before, given the length of time since something as extravagant and neat has happened in your life. It’s  the joy you feel as you remember the secrets you and companions use to share,and the things you did together.It’s also the realization that it’s gone or in the past,or that things are just,plain different now. 

Nostalgia will never be the death of us but,the desire in our hearts for the past to become present.



  1. I get nostalgic over the smell of certain spices. My mother used to cook a lot when I was little and we had in different house. It was good wholesome food. I can remember the sound of the television in the background – I think it was around the first season of grey’s anatomy. As well as the feeling of the carpet against my feet while the spicy aroma wafted in the air… It’s a bittersweet memory because I know that it’s gone and I can’t be that little anymore – sans worries.

    So you hit the nail on Nostalgia. What are you nostalgic about?

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    1. Im nostalgic about a lot i find mostly my past which lol duh your supposed to be nostalgic about a time that has happened but.. memories that i hold with other people who are no longer in my life or distant like the memory still fresh of my best friend and I walking down the hallways hand in hand laughing about something soo dumb and our small pettie fights that end up ending over some huge conversation on what were going through, and looking into this one guy who i no longer speak to as much and knowing i could trust him just to later on figure out they were lies i miss the trust we once had and the closeness or me being oblivious to the fact that he just wasnt a good person. I also am nostalgic about being younger how i didnt know any better and wouldnt think much on certain actions as i do now that and this distinct candle smell.. i have no idea what its called but i smelled it once and it reminded me of happy times in the first apartment i lived in with my ma and sis ohh and this perfume my mom would always wear which she’s allergic to now??😂

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