Hi, I'm Nahndi:))

And…this is my blog.

I want to connect with each and every one of my readers, adhere to any perspectives out there, and spread positivity as well as comfort. This blog symbolizes my personal outlet in the process of growing older and making better decisions. I also promote creativity and free thinking in many of my posts.

I as a writer am not only looking for young teens like me but, adults who have what it takes to see the peak of a 15 year old girl who's only progressing day by day…

Wordy queen can be described in many ways and more but, this is the simplest of all that I could come up with:)))

Tabs purpose

Bloggster~ All my recent updates

Advice~ my opinions and ways to deal with certain situations in life 

Living life~ where I post announcements, Thoughts during different times of day, something random, letters, interviews of people, Day in life pictures, which are coming soon:))

Poetry & Rants – free expression

I hope you enjoy my  weekly posts,and come back for more, lots of love;)


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